10 Benefits of Drinking Warm Water Daily

We all know that our body consists of 70% water. Skin, muscle, organs, and other parts are supported by drinking enough water. Drinking cold water or hot water, both keeps us healthy and hydrated. From the beginning, the practitioners say that drinking warm water at the start of the day is very beneficial. Now also many great influences are seen drinking warm water at the start of the day. Most health benefits through water are based on anecdotal reports. Many people feel benefits.

10 Benefits of Drinking Warm Water Daily

1. Weight Loss

Many researches show that drinking more water helps a person to lose weight. A study found that drinking warm water instead of cold water increases weight loss. Drinking 500 ml of water before a meal increases 30% of metabolism. Raising the temperature of the water and drinking it before a meal increases the metabolism by 40%. Water also helps in absorbing the nutrients and excreting waste from the body.

2. Digestion

The small intestine absorbs most of the water, if water intake is not enough the small intestine consumes water from the food which will make the bowel movement difficult. Drinking warm water helps in digestion faster than drinking cold water.

3. Circulation

Drinking warm water expands the blood vessels which improves blood circulation. Drinking warm water also helps the muscles relax. The improved blood regulation will lower the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Also drinking warm water before bed gives restful sleep.

4. Nasal Congestion

Drinking warm water clears nasal congestion along with the throat. A vapour for the hot water might help a person who has sinus. A study shows that drinking warm water regularly boosted the nasal mucous velocity. Another study shows that drinking hot water gives relief from running nose and sore throat.

5. Detoxification

Drinking warm water helps the body release toxins. It is better to drink the water empty stomach to release toxins. When the warm water enters the body it raises the temperature of the body and opens the pores and releases the toxins from the body through sweat.

6. Reduced Pains

The warm water improves the circulation which regulates blood to all parts of the body easily. The blood flow to the injured parts of the body heals the injured part. The blood carries nutrients that are important for the parts of the body to heal. When the blood reaches to the injured part it gives the nutrients required to heal.

7. Fights Cold

The warm water has the ability to fight the cold. It gives you relief from the cold if the drinking of the warm water is constant during the days of the cold. It clears the nose and throat which are a major problem during the cold.

8. Sinus Health

Drinking warm water also helps getting relief from the sinus. It helps the mucous move rapidly which may encourage the coughing and nose-blowing to be more productive. The steam from hot water helps unclog the sinus.

9. Reduces Stress

Stress and anxiety can be managed by a soothing cup of warm water. A study found that drinking warm liquids such as water, coffee, or tea can lower stress and lower the feeling of anxiety.

10. Constipation

As given above dehydration is the main cause of constipation. Drinking more water can be effective against constipation. Drinking warm water regularly makes the bowel movement smoother which avoids constipation.

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