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Does Karate Affect Children’s Height?

Very few people are concerned about karate affecting the height of a child. Does training karate affect children’s height? Yes, it affects, but in a positive manner. It’s not like a teenager going to a gym and performing exercises which affect their height. Training karate does not stunt a child’s height. There are some factors that stunt height. The first factor is genetics. If your parents are shorter it is very probable that their child will be short. There are some exceptional cases where genetics doesn’t matter. The second factor is diet. A child until his growth stage should have a good balanced diet. If the diet lacks the nutrition that helps height growth then he won’t get taller. The third thing is that a teenager does not do exercises that affect his growth plates. Age regarding when the height growth might stop has different opinions. Regardless of that opinions, a child or a teenager should not perform exercises that affect their growth plates until he or she has a good height or height they consider is okay. I have listed out some main factors regarding height growth. There might be other secondary factors regarding height growth.

Karate does not have exercises that stunt the children’s height. In Fact, it has exercises that helps in increasing the children’s height. Other martial arts might have some exercises or movements in training that might stunt the children’s height. But karate does not have that exercises or movements in training. The exercises done during warm-up in karate are mostly stretches which are beneficial for height growth. In conclusion, Karate does not stunt a child’s height but helps in growth of children’s height. There are some exercises that non-martial artists can do for height growth. A balanced diet would be very beneficial for the height growth.  

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