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Can Martial Arts Build Muscle?

Can Martial Arts Build Muscle?

Martial arts contains eminent exercises and training which work on the entire body. There are different types of martial arts that focus on various parts of the body like boxing which mostly uses hands or arms, taekwondo which mainly uses kicks. Martial Arts can help build muscle. First, you will need to understand how muscle growth works. you have to put that muscle through more load and work to grow muscle. In the beginning, you will see the results not quickly but slowly. The martial arts training include strength workout mostly with bodyweight. You will not gain much muscle but you will get in shape. But if you want to build more muscle you will have to implement more strength training. Also, strength training gives you a significant advantage in the ring.

Initially, you can build muscles with bodyweights then you can increase the intensity of the workout. You can also use free weights during the workout. Adding gym exercise will give you staggering results. If you are using bodyweight then you will have to train with high intensity and consistency to build muscle. Building muscle with bodyweights in the essence of martial arts might be a slow process but he will be in shape for much longer. If a martial artist and a bodybuilder stop building muscle or stop training, the martial artist will be in shape for a longer duration than the bodybuilder. Diet is also to be focused as the martial arts training burns lots of calories and to build muscle some calories should be maintained. Be consistent in the training to get the desired result.

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