Top Chest Exercises Recommended By Arnold

Arnold Schwarzenegger before he was the Governor of California was world’s highest-paid movie star and even before that Arnold Schwarzenegger was a bodybuilder who was possessor of the most impressive chest in history. His chest measured 58 inches at his best. Arnold Schwarzenegger was a three-time Mr. Universe and a seven-time Mr. Olympia, Arnold Schwarzenegger made the undetermined practice of lifting inert hunks of iron not acceptable.

Arnold is the best man on earth qualified to offer advice on how to build Greek-god pecs. Arnold Schwarzenegger never shied away from hard work in his chest-building efforts. Arnold’s chest workouts were long, intense, and brutal like all of his training.

Over the years his workouts grew ever more complex and arduous as a competitive bodybuilder, but he never strayed from a few basic principles, principles which can be applied as a gym newbie or an iron vet. People might not be able to handle every set and rep of Arnold’s pec-punishing workouts after all they were designed for a guy with extraordinary genetics. You will make serious progress on your quest for a superhero chest if you put arnold’s time-tested principles to work.

Barbell Bench Press

Arnold’s first warm included this favored exercise with 135 pounds for a quick 30-40 reps and then he would immediately perform wide-grip behind-the-neck chins before heading back to the bench, adding a pair of 45s and performing 20 more reps. He’d load the bar with 275 after a second set of chins, perform 15 more reps and went with weight/rep combinations of 315X12, 365X8 and 405X6 with superset with chins, done without rest.

Incline Bench Press

he would start off with 225 pounds for an initial 15 reps concentrating on deep breathing as well as flexing his pecs throughout the movement. Alternating each set with T-bar rows, progress of 20-pound increments as 245 x 12, 265 x 12, 285 x 10 and 305 x 10.

Dumbell Flys

Arnold perfected this difficult movement. Arnold described the motion of the flys as “hugging a tree.” He stretched or slowly lowered the dumbbells away, so low they would practically touch the floor. Then raising them back squeezing the pecs.

Bar Dips

Arnold would prop himself up on dipping bars with an 80-pound weights strapped to his waist, and then slowly lower himself to a point where his hands nearly touched his armpits and then exploded back up, He would perform 15 reps and then perform a set of close-grip chins for each superset.


This exercise was always a staple of Arnold’s training and he considers this exercise most responsible for the overwhelming size of his rib box. Lying across a flat bench, he would grab a dumbbell and extend it to arms’ length, keeping a slight bend in his elbows. He would lower the weight in an arc down past his head while making sure to keep his hips down, ensuring greatest possible stretch.

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