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5 Most Common Martial Arts Injuries

5 Common Martial Arts InjuriesInjuries happen no matter how careful you are in your training. Be it a simple muscle wear and tear or an accident while sparring or training. The best way to deal with injuries is to immediately address them. Since many martial arts are similar, there are some injuries that are more common than others. Here are the 5 most common martial arts injuries.

Bruises, Cuts, and Scrapes

These are minor injuries that can occur, especially during sparring. These minor injuries happen whether you are on guard or not. But these minor injuries usually happen when you’re not paying attention. These minor injuries are regardless of what type of martial art you practice, using the proper techniques and under the supervision of the trainer can reduce these injuries. Bruises, cuts and abrasions are very minor injuries among the 5 most common martial arts injuries.

Hamstring Injuries

Hamstring injuries can occur when students pull or tear a hamstring while performing high kicks, or when they extend their legs beyond their limits. Students may attempt to perform techniques that are beyond their capabilities. The severity of hamstring injuries can be reduced by hamstring stretches. Hamstring resistance and strength can be developed through cross-training, especially rigorous cardio.

Cauliflower Ear

Blunt trauma to the ear causes cauliflower ear. During the healing process after the ear injury, the ear can shrink and fold in on itself, giving this type of injury its name. Head protection is necessary because cauliflower ear is a painful injury that can cause temporary loss of hearing. When sparring or training in striking arts (especially MMA), immense protection/defense should be made against attacks to the face or ear. The best defense is to perfect your guard, it will certainly reduce the risk of injury. Cauliflower ear is a bad injury among the 5 most common martial arts injuries reported.

Groin Strain

Kicks are included in many martial arts and increase the risk of groin injury. Groin injury involves a muscle tear or rupture of one of the groin muscles. Groin pain or tenderness, muscle spasms, and tightness may occur. These types of injuries often occur due to a lack of proper warm up and cool down. Groin strain can be prevented simply by making sure your body is warmed up and that you stretch your muscles before and after your workout.

Stress Fracture

One of the most common sports injuries are stress fractures. Stress fractures are tiny cracks within a bone caused by repetitive force through or on the bone. This often happens to runners, but because martial arts are intense, stress fractures often affect martial arts students. Treatment would be rest and can take up to eight weeks to heal. It is important not to set unrealistic goals to avoid a stress fracture.

Share your views about the 5 most common martial arts injuries and dropdown other martial arts injuries other than the 5 most common martial arts injuries. Also check out Amazing Karate Health Benefits, Kata Rules As Per WKF, Reasons To Earn Black Belt and Ways to Increase Stamina.

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