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Can You Learn Martial Arts Online?

Can You Train Martial Arts Online?

People want to learn martial arts but they cannot, either due to time constraints or due to COVID. Nowadays, there are the latest technologies and most of the learning is done online. So can you learn martial arts online? The training that a person would receive in a dojo or a gym cannot be matched by online martial arts classes. A trainer watches you and corrects your mistakes, which is not possible with online martial arts classes. Everywhere foundation is important, and in martial arts the foundation is basics. You should know how to punch properly, you should know how to kick properly, you should know how to block properly, and you should know the techniques. If you do not punch properly, you might damage your hand enough to break it, and the same goes for kicks. And if you do not know how to block properly, you will be beaten up. These basics are important for a martial artist. The probability of you finding the right online martial arts classes are very slim. 

It is a necessity to take an offline martial arts training class to master the basics flawlessly. Then you can progress through online martial arts classes. Once you master the basics flawlessly and have a good experience, you can learn new or advanced kicks and techniques through martial arts classes online. There are advantages and disadvantages of online martial arts training. Online martial arts training is time saving and convenient from the comfort of your home when you train martial arts online. However, disadvantage of online martial arts training is the lack of defense training. Defense training is best done with a partner or classmate. In summary, my opinion on “can you learn martial arts online” is that you can learn martial arts online if you have a flawless grasp of the basics and have a lot of experience in martial arts.

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