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What Are The Karate Etiquettes To Be Followed In Dojo

Karate as a martial art not only teaches you how to fight or defend yourself but also teaches you discipline. Etiquette is a code of ethics, polite behaviour, proper attitude in and outside the dojo. Karate starts with etiquettes. From you enter the class till you exit the class. If you don’t follow the etiquette, it would be considered disrespectful, might even get punished. Here are some etiquettes to be followed in a karate dojo:

  1. Uniform: Make sure you carry your uniform to the dojo, and make sure it is clean. With your uniform is a belt. A belt no matter which one is it white or black should be kept with care. It should not be handled recklessly.
  2. Arrival On Time: One of the main things in discipline is punctuality. A karateka should be in the dojo ready before the class starts. In some dojos a student should be in the dojo and ready before his sensei arrives. If a karateka is late, he might be punished.
  3. If Late: Do not hesitate. Quickly change your dress and stand at the end for the approval of sensei to join the class.
  4. Bowing: Bowing is a sign of respect and humility which should be done before entering the class, during the class when the sensei asks, when the sensei enters and when leaving the class. 
  5. Lining Up: When you are in the class you will have to sit in a sequential order in straight lines vertically and horizontally. The first line will be of white belts, the comes yellow (as per Shotokan grading system), and goes on as per the ranking of belt increases.
  6. No Talking: It is prohibited to talk without the permission of the sensei. A karateka might be punished if seen talking.
  7. Respect Seniors: A karateka will have to respect his seniors i.e. higher belts karatekas. They might have to listen to their seniors.
  8. Hygiene: Here hygiene means nails to be trimmed. They might injure someone you might be practicing with.

These are some of the etiquettes of karate in the dojo. There are more etiquettes of karate in the dojo. The ones listed is considered more important by me.

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