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Top 6 Indian Martial Artists Actors

Bollywood also has many martial artists like the Hollywood. Unlike others, Bollywood does not have many martial arts movies. But the Indian martial artists are highly trained. Some of these Indian martial artists started their career in Bollywood through the martial arts performance in the movies. Here are the top 6 Indian martial arts actors:

6. Suniel Shetty

Top 6 Indian Martial Artists Actors

Suniel Shetty was born on 11 August 1961 in Mysore, India. Suniel Shetty is an actor, producer, and a businessman. He has been in the film industry for more than 25 years and has acted in over 100 movies. He made his debut with the film Balwaan (1992). Suniel Shetty owns Popcorn Entertainment Private Limited. Suniel Shetty is a Black Belt in Kickboxing. It was because of his martial arts background that he entered into the film industry.

5. Randeep Hooda

Top 6 Indian Martial Artists Actors

Randeep Hooda was born on 20 August 1976 in Haryana, India. Randeep is an actor and an equestrian or horse rider. Randeep Hooda made his debut with Monsoon Wedding (2001). Randeep Hooda’s breakthrough came from the movie Once Upon a Time in Mumbaai (2010).Randeep Hooda has been trained in Gatka and Mixed Martial Arts (MMA).

4. Ajay Devgan

Top 6 Indian Martial Artists Actors

Vishal Veeru Devgan professionally known as Ajay Devgan was born on 2 April 1969 in New Delhi, India. Ajay Devgan is an actor, director, and producer. Ajay Devgan has appeared in over 100 movies. Ajay Devgan made his debut with Phool aur Kaante (1991). Ajay Devgan is a 6th Dan Black Belt in Karate and a 1st Dan Black Belt in Taekwondo.

3. Akshay Kumar

Top 6 Indian Martial Artists Actors

Rajiv Hari Om Bhatia professionally know as Akshay Kumar was born in Punjab on 9 September 1967. Akshay Kumar is an actor and producer. Akshay Kumar is indian born canadian citizen. He made his debut with the film Saugandh (1991). His breakthrough came from the film Khiladi (1992). Akshay Kumar is a Black Belt in Karate and Taekwondo and learnt Thai Boxing and Muay Thai in Thailand. Akshay Kumar is one of the successful and highest paid actor in Bollywood.

2. Tiger Shroff

Top 6 Indian Martial Artists Actors

Jai Hemant “Tiger” Shroff was born on 2 March 1990 in Mumbai, India. Tiger shroff is an actor who made his debut with the film Heropanti (2014). He starred in Bollywood martial art movie Baaghi (2016) and its Sequels. Tiger Shroff has been practicing martial arts since the age of 4. Tiger Shroff is a Black Belt 5th Dan in Taekwondo and has practiced Kalaripayattu, kung fu, Krav Maga, pencak silat and Gymnastics.

1. Vidyut Jammwal

Top 6 Indian Martial Artists Actors

Vidyut Jammwal was born on 10 November 1980 in Kanpur, India. Vidyut Jammwal is an actor and a Stunt Performer. Vidyut Jammwal made his bollywood debut with the movie Force (2011). Since the age of 3 Vidyut Jammwal has been practicing Kalaripayattu. In 2013 Vidyut Jammwal visited the Shaolin Temple in China and has trained there for a few weeks. Vidyut Jammwal is currently in the list of Top 10 Martial Artist in the World.

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