10 Proven Garlic Health Benefits

Garlic is called Allium sativum or Allium in Greek. Garlic is included in the onion family. It is commonly found in central Asia. People in India use garlic as a spice and is almost added in every dish. Garlic has been used since the early centuries. Garlic was used as a medicine in the ancient era. These benefits are confirmed by modern scientists.

1. Lowers the risk of Cancer
Eating garlic or adding garlic in your diet can lower the risk of cancer. A study show that people who ate raw garlic twice a week had 45 percent lowering the risk of lung cancer and another study shows that the compounds found in garlic are effective against the cells that lead to brain tumor.
2. Lowers the level of Hip Osteoarthritis
The pain around the hip is known as hip osteoarthritis. It is common in women. Women whose diet was rich in garlic had lower their level of hip osteoarthritis. This can also be the complete treatment for hip osteoarthritis.
3. Acts as Antibiotic
Garlic has been used as an antibiotic since the past centuries. Still now it is being used by some people. The studies show that the garlic is 100 times more effective in fighting the Campylobacter bacteria than other antibiotics.
4. Lowers the risk of Heart Attack
Consumption of garlic can prevent heart attack and it is very beneficial to take garlic oil to recover from heart attack. A garlic compound diallyl trisulfide can be used for treatment for heart failure.
5. Reduces Cholesterol Level
The extract supplement from garlic is effective to blood lipid profile which reduces the cholesterol level. Studies show that people who have taken garlic for 4 months have decreased their cholesterol level.
6. Regulates Blood Pressure
The same extract supplement form garlic that lowers the cholesterol level is also responsible for regulating the blood pressure. This extract reduces the blood pressure of patients with hypertension.
7. Combat Sickness and Common Cold
Garlic boosts the immune system. A study shows that use of garlic regularly reduced the number of colds by 65%. Another study shows that high dose of aged garlic extract reduces the number of sick days.
8. Improves Bone Health
Garlic consumption by women is beneficial for the bones. A Study shows that regular consumption of garlic extract by the menopausal women notably decreases a marker of estrogen deficiency.
9. Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease
Garlic contains antioxidants that assists the protective mechanism of the body against oxidative damage. The risk of common brain diseases like Alzheimer’s and dementia might be reduced by the high doses of garlic extract.
10. Good for Skin and Hair
Garlic has the properties of protecting skin and hair. Garlic prevents the aging of skin. Garlic also treats the fungal infection on the skin. Garlic extract or garlic oil can prevent hair loss and can also reverse hair loss.

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