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Full Contact Karate And Its Styles

What is full contact karate? You can figure it by the word full contact that it is a fight where a fighter can use all of their strength to defeat their opponent. Most styles of karate are semi-contact or non-contact fighting. In the past, karate was full-contact karate used only for self-defence or fighting. Later it became a sport. Today, there are not many styles of karate that consist of full contact fights or kumite. Most people like fights with knockdowns. The kumite of full contact karate consists of knockdowns. The kumite of semi contact karate consists of scoring with all safety precautions such as gloves, shin guards, chest guard, head guards, etc. All styles of karate involve hard work. Full contact karate is a game of courage like Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) with risks. The full contact karate styles are listed below:

  • Ashihara Karate: This style of karate is derived from Kyokushin Karate. Hideyuki Ashihara founder of Ashihara Karate trained kyokushin but was also influenced by boxing, Japanese Jujutsu and Muay Thai. Tournaments of this style of karate are similar to Enshin in terms of rules and techniques allowed. One-handed grabs and throws are allowed in this style of karate.
  • Enshin Karate: This style of full contact karate was founded in 1988. Sabaki is the core emphasis of this style of karate. Sabaki is a method of turning the opponent’s momentum and power against him and repositioning at advantageous places/angles. Various throws, sweeps, and grabs are permitted in this style of karate.
  • Kyokushin Karate: Kyokushin is a well-known type of full contact karate. MMA fighters like Uriah Hall, Georges St. Pierre, etc have training in this style. Tournaments of this style of karate allows full range of attacks with hands and feet. However, hitting your opponent in the face with hands is not allowed.
  • Seidokaikan: This style of karate also evolved from Kyokushin. Seidokaikan gave rise to K-1. Kazuyoshi Ishii founded this style of karate in 1981. Seidokaikan is very similar to Kyokushin as it is derived from Kyokushin. This style is not similar to Seido and should not be confused.
  • Shidokan Karate: This karate full contact style is referred to as the “Triathalon of Karate” as it incorporates full contact style of karate, Muay Thai, and grappling into its regulations. The striking rules in tournaments are similar to other karate full contact styles. Slams, sweeps, joint locks and throws are allowed in tournaments of this karate full contact style.

The above list of full contact karate styles is not a complete list. There might be more karate full contact styles. Like UFC there is “Karate Combat” that conducts full contact karate fights. Check Out Shotokan Belt System, Best Age To Start Karate, How To Get Better Sleep, Health Benefits Of Karate.


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