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Best Age To Start Karate Training

Karate Instructors are often asked about the right age or the best age to start Karate training. This is a common question often asked to the karate instructor. Some parents who want their children to start training ask what is the best age to start karate training, thinking if they are too young to start. Some people ask what is the best age to start karate training, thinking if they are too old to start. These days many children start training in martial arts around 4 years of age. This depends on the child and the school.

Starting at a young age has many benefits such as

  • Self Confidence
  • Concentration
  • Listening Skills
  • Coordination With Others
  • Develop Balance In Life
  • Mind-Body Connection
  • Overcome Shyness
  • Basic Self Defence Skills
  • Understanding Mind Self Defence.

Everyone do not start their Martial Arts journey at a young age. The average age in which most of the karatekas start their training is around 8 years. Some people find an urge to train in Karate later on as a teenager or adult. Karate can be beneficial at any age whether it is a teenager, adult, middle-aged or even more mature. The major reason to start karate at any age is its benefits like fitness, balance, coordination, flexibility, self-defence, confidence, memory training. Karate is easy to adapt to at any age. The training of karate is done by both young and old all over the world. The benefits of karate for starting at a young age will increase with training and as we age.

It will be a bit challenging to start the training at an older age but it is not impossible. The right age or the best age to start karate training would be 5 to 16. It doesn’t matter if you are older, it will be the right age for you if you start immediately. You will be embarking a wonderful life at whatever age you start your training. Karate is so much about yourself and it is not only for yourself. You must protect yourself and others. Karate also improves your Weight Loss vs Fat Loss. Starting at any age is the right age but you have to be consistent.

Dropdown what according to you would be the best age to start karate training and your views on best age to start karate training. Check Out: Right Force FitnessReasons Child Should Earn Black Belt, Common Martial Arts Injuries, Kata Rules As Per WKFWhat Is Stress?.


  1. Seems like the actual right answer is any age you decide to start your martial arts journey. Saying 5-16 years at the start of that paragraph is misleading when you follow up by saying that it comes down to the individual to decide if their age is the right time to start.

  2. I'm 65 years old, and I decided to start karate, which I find perfect to manage the normal lost of capacities from age. Possible to practice at home and alone, 0nly a few different movements, none asking high strengh or flexibility, but looking for perfect done, using all directions in space, possible to slow or quick, asking concentration and relaxing, and get meaning alone and with partners

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