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World’s Top 10 Martial Arts

Martial Art is used for a number of reasons such as self-defense, competitions, physical strength, mental strength, discipline, spiritual development, entertainment, etc. The oldest combat sport with origins in hand-to-hand combat is wrestling. Chinese martial arts was devised during the Xia Dynasty more than 4000 years ago. The origin of Shaolinquan also known as Shaolin to the spread of Buddhism from ancient India was during the 5th century AD according to the Legendary Accounts. Evaluation is very crucial for the martial artist who wish to persuade further in martial arts. In these top 10 martial arts, some do not require evaluation. The rankings of the top 10 martial arts are based on some consideration, perspective, and deliberation. Here are the top 10 martial arts.

10. Muay Thai

Muay Thai is a combat sport of Thailand and is also known as that boxing. This style of martial arts uses combinations of fists, elbows, knees, and shins. This style is also common amongst Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighters. This sport can be traced to the mid of 18th century. In the use of self-defense this style emphasizes on teaches how to effectively injure or attack an opponent to make room for a quick getaway.

Top 10 Martial Arts

9. Judo

Judo is a Japanese Martial Arts style that is concerned with grappling, throws, and joint locks. Judo was founded by Jigoro Kano. This style of martial arts is also common for Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighters. You can defeat a person heavier than you using Judo. Judo has helped Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighters such as Khabib Nurmagomedov, Ronda Rousy, etc.

Top 10 Martial Arts

8. Taekwondo

Taekwondo is a Korean martial arts style that focuses mainly on kick combinations. Taekwondo is an official Olympic sport since 2000. The current governing body of taekwondo is the World Taekwondo Federation (WTF). Taekwondo is distinguished by its emphasis on kicks and kicking techniques. Taekwondo comprises Forms also known as Kata, Sparring, Breaking which include breaking of boards using kicks, some self-defense techniques. The highest degree in Taekwondo is Ninth Degree Black Belt.

Top 10 Martial Arts

7. Boxing

The origin of boxing comes from Iran then later in Ancient Greece Boxing was developed and enjoyed. Boxing is derived into two types i.e. Professional Boxing And Amateur Boxing. Boxing which is practiced for and performed at Olympics, Commonwealth Games, Pan American Games, and many other organizations is known as Amature Boxing. And Professional Boxing is Concerned with the Titles, Prize, Money Boxing was first introduced in Olympics in 23rd Olympiad, 668 BC. A round in amateur boxing is of three minutes for men and two minutes for women. The fight comprises of three rounds for men and four rounds for women. In a professional boxing match has a maximum of 12 rounds and each round lasts for 3 minutes. The most famous fighters of all-time boxing are Muhammed Ali and Mike Tyson.

Top 10 Martial Arts

6. Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)

Mixed Martial Arts is a combat sport that combines Boxing, wrestling, Judo, Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai, Kickboxing, etc. Mixed Martial Arts is a caged fight that is categorized by weights. The match comprises of 5 rounds of 5 minutes. The most popular organizers of Mixed Martial Arts matches are the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) and ONE Championship. The most popular fighters of mixed martial arts these days are Khabib Nurmagomedov, Conor McGregor, Dustin Poirier, etc

Top 10 Martial Arts

5. Krav Maga

Krav maga is translated as contact combat which combines styles from Karate, Boxing, Aikido, Chinese martial arts, Wing Chun. The official self-defense system of the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) is Krav Maga. The technique was devised to be simple and effective by its creator Imi Lichtenfeld. Its self-defense is prominent on reality-based training where the main target is to neutralize the attacker or attackers as fast as possible.

Top 10 Martial Arts

4. Aikido

Aikido is a Japanese Origin of Martial Arts Style created by Morihei Ueshiba. This type of martial art is observed as one of the most effective martial arts to use when a person is looking to learn self-defense and survival moves. Aikido focuses only on techniques that enable you to use your opponent’s energy to take control of him. If you know Aikido you can disarm a Weapon from the opponent’s hand. Aikido is used mainly for Self defense.

Top 10 Martial Arts

3. Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu

The founder of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu was the Gracie family. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu came into fame due to the first competition of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) where Royce Gracie was able to successfully defeat his opponent by using only Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu techniques. Even today the most popular martial arts style among Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighters.

Top 10 Martial Arts

2. Kung Fu

Kung Fu also known as Wushu is a Chinese martial arts style. Kung Fu has many forms some of which are Shaolin kung fu, Wing Chun, Tai Chi, etc. Kung Fu requires a trainee to live in a monastery. Kung fu teaches you both fighting and discipline. In this style, chops are frequently used. Kung Fu has its fame due to Hollywood. Actors like Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, Jet Li Promoted Kung Fu in the Film Industry. Kung Fu is very much similar to Karate.

Top 10 Martial Arts

1. Karate

Karate is a Japanese Martial arts style. Karate is an art that primarily uses punches, kicks, elbows, knee strikes, knife-hands, spear-hands, grappling, locks, throws, restraints, vital point strike. Karate includes Kihon i.e. basics like stances, punches, kicks, blocks, and Kata and Kumite. Karate is now an Olympic sport. The largest karate sports organization is the World Karate Federation (WKF). The degree of ranking is called Dan and Kyu. Kyu is ranking given to the belts from white to brown and Dan to the Black belts. Many people don’t know there is a ranking for black belts which starts from 1st dan to 9th Dan And The 10th Dan is Red Belt

Top 10 Martial Arts

These were the top 10 martial arts. Share your views down in the comments and also which martial art should have been the 1st in the top 10 martial arts. Check out Top 10 Martial Arts Movies and also 5 Reasons To Earn Black Belt

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