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Do Mixed Martial Arts Fighters Take Supplements

A fighter needs to master disciplines in his life. A fighter will have to make out the most of their opportunities. A proper or balanced diet is required by a fighter, and for optimal results, a fighter will use supplements. The mma supplements are consumed for different reasons. The mma supplements might be used for recovery during training, muscle growth, water retention, battle readiness, weight cutting, endurance, etc. The use of supplements depends upon the stage of fight preparation. Let’s take a look at the supplements mma fighters use. 


Creatine is consumed by almost every olympic athlete. It is a no-brainer for a Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighter to use creatine in his diet as it improves recovery. Creatine is legal in the UFC. It should be consumed without any banned substances.

Protein Shakes

Fighters undergo strenuous training throughout the year. The mixed martial arts (MMA) fighters consume protein shakes because they cannot consume enough protein through diet meals. It is not necessary to consume protein shakes when a fighter can get enough protein through a meal

Glucosamine Chondroitin

This is used by the mixed martial arts (MMA) fighters to help them with joint pain. Joint pains occurs as a side effect of mixed martial arts (MMA) training. Joint pains are seen excessively from muay thai training. Glucosamine Chondroitin serves as a precursor of cartilage which protects and cushions the joints from wear and tear.


Caffeine is used as an energy booster by fighters. The highest concentrations of caffeine can be found in coffee. Caffeine based energy drinks are available. Fighters consume caffeine before training and some fighters consume it before a fight. 

Everything should be consumed in moderation. Too much is bad and too little won’t affect. Therefore mixed martial arts (MMA) fighters take supplements.

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